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Dungeon Master of None

Jul 15, 2020

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow! DMs Matt and Rob take you on a tour of both host and listener created one-page Role-Playing games. Thank you to everyone who submitted a game!

Then, it's on to some Dungeon Master advice: how to deal with a party that has a magical solution to every problem, how to set prices for magical stuff in 5e, and how should we think about Tolkien's racism and colonialism? 

One-Page RPGs:

Guns & Butter by Rob

Suplexes & Sliders by Matt

Pomp & Circumstance by Steve from Yorkshire

Streeps & Turings by Callahan from Denver

Bad Day in Superhero City by @infinitebrooms



Pac Div - Roll the Dice 

Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction

Fight Like Apes - I'm Beginning To Think You Prefer Beverly Hills 90210 To Me

Johnny Paycheck - Take This Job And Shove It

Traditional - The British Grenadiers

Karla Devito - We Are Not Alone

John Williams - Superman Theme 

Led Zeppelin - Ramble On