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Dungeon Master of None

Jul 27, 2022

Matt and Rob talk about the 80s -- nostalgia, bad haircuts, synthwave, neoliberalism ascendant, it's the decade that has it all folks! We review the RPG Tales from the Loop and talk about how to incorporate it into your games.



Pac Div- Roll the Dice
Jefferson Starship - We Built this City
A Ha - Take on...

Jul 18, 2022

Your questions. Our answers. Pirate campaigns, play-by-post advice, good liches, Mechwarrior hacks, and more!

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Jul 13, 2022

Matt and Rob discuss the Lost Omens World Guide and the Golarion setting from Paizo. We talk about what works, what doesn't, what sorts of games you might want to run in Avistan and the Age of Lost Omens, and how you can use this in your own campaigns if not!


Pac Div - Roll the Dice
Conan the Barbarian OST

Jul 5, 2022

Special guest, DM Sally Tamarkin, joins us to discuss designing magic items, working as a sensitivity reader on RPGs, and publishing your first adventure. Check out all the cool stuff Sally is creating below, including the brand new Cloud Curio project!

The Cloud Curio 

Arcadia vol. 14 with Sally's module, "The...