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Dungeon Master of None

Oct 29, 2022

Matt and Rob get spooky and engage in highly unethical behavior by randomly mashing up classic D&D monsters! Listen to us deal with complicated physiological questions like how many limbs and other appendages mashed-up creatures should have, and more!

You can download our full stats for 5e of each monster on our...

Oct 18, 2022

We discuss season 1 of The Rings of Power. Find out what we think of all your favorite characters: Frito, Spam, Gimlet, Legolam and the rest of the wacky gang. Wait, did the good guys lose because they forgot to unwrap the MacGuffin?

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Oct 15, 2022

Enter the long dark teatime of the soul with DMs Matt and Rob as they prepare to outlive--or unlive--the hell out of everybody through the profane miracle of becoming a lich. Listen for why liches are some of the best villains for your heroes and four or six alternative uses for our favorite immortal skeleton wizards.

Oct 6, 2022

There's more OneDnD playtest rules. This time it's personal. This time it's the expert classes: the bard, ranger, and rogue. DMs Matt and Rob jump into the rules with thoughts to help you process the newest round of updates to Dungeons and Dragons. 

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