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Dungeon Master of None

Oct 24, 2018

Matt and Rob review the newest adventure from Wizards of the Coast, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist! 

WARNING! Spoilers begin at 45:10.

But first, we gird ourselves for a Tales from the Loop TV series and a Wheel of Time TV series. Matt shares his bafflement with TORG: Eternity.

Now, on to Waterdeep...Dragon Heist is a welcome departure from the all the other 5e adventures...modular's so short (and that's a good thing)......non-adventuring things for your adventurers to do...walking the fine line between pure sandbox and straight linear this too complex...where are our criminals...Waterdeep is a city of LAWS...planning for when your players do nothing...inaction should never be the best choice for your PCs...modularity is still in beta but better to go down swinging...we recommend Daughter Peep: Flagon Iced! 




Roll the Dice, Pac Div

A Theme for the Wheel of Time, Robert Berry

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