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Dungeon Master of None

Jul 22, 2019

DMs Matt and Rob discuss the basics of what a Dungeon Master is and what a Dungeon Master does. Today, we review the DM advice presented in the 5e D&D Essentials Kit. But first, a game of "Weal or Woe," in which, Rob has to guess whether the RPG product is real or fake! 

Matt and Rob discuss the roles presented in the Essentials Kit: referee, storyteller, and role-player. They break down the core mechanics and goals of any Dungeon Master.
Conclusion: Anyone can DM!



Dalton asks: "Do I need a wizard in my party?"

Adam writes: "Aren't there times when it is good to hide your DM dice rolls?" 

Alexander writes: "Where are my half-feats?"



Matt's Homebrew Half-Feat Rules



Pac Div - Roll the Dice

BTS (featuring Hasley) - Boy with Luv

Weezer - In the Garage