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Dungeon Master of None

Feb 15, 2018

There are new sub-classes out for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons from the fine folks of Wizards of the Coast.  Matt and Rob review the [00:59] Brute Fighter (good...maybe, too good), the [06:25] Inventor Wizard (will some invent some better abilities?), and the [10:18] Shroomancer (a.k.a. the Circle of Spores Druid).  Then, it’s on to the most popular radio program in D&D history: Unwanted Advice!  We answer the questions that you didn’t ask to save your damn game from itself.  

[11:00] How do I get my players to role-play?  Why don’t they like anything but combat?

[20:25] My players befriended the wrong NPC!  I don’t know how to run their new hireling wizard! Help!

[25:55] Quote: “Is it good idea to let player be medusa???”

[29:05] How do I scam my party with cursed magic items?

[33:10] My players can’t play!  How do I help my players learn the rules?