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Dungeon Master of None

Feb 8, 2018

We all love Critical Role! But can you become a better Dungeon Master or a better player by watching the show?  Absolutely! 

Learn why Matt Mercer is such an amazing Dungeon Master!  (Hint: it’s NOT because of his voice acting.)  Can you play D&D as well as Ashley, Laura, Liam, Marisha, Sam, Taliesin, and Travis do?  Yes, you can!  Discover how to tap into your "RP-Generosity" and how to avoid the "grimdark" disease that plagues so many of our characters. 

DMs Matt and Rob chat about what you can take away from the new season of Critical Role and what is best left to the professionals.  A must-listen for Critters who want to run their own game of Dungeons and Dragons! 

Listen to or watch Critical Role
The Alexandrian, "Three Clue Rule"