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Dungeon Master of None

Mar 22, 2022

Fire up your demon-powered lightning fence because Dungeon Master of None is taking the podcast to Doskvol for a game of Blades in the Dark. This is a great system and setting for any DM to read and run, and there is so much to learn about world-building, running heists, character creation and more! 

Blades in...

Mar 10, 2022

We are back with advice for your tables and worlds.

How do balance Strength? Are Owlbear pellets canon? Can you run a "reverse level" campaign? What is a good length for a dungeon? Is it problematic to have magical and non-magical species? What does the cult of Tiamat need? Are really short sessions okay? 

Send us your...

Mar 4, 2022

We've unlocked our August 2021 Patreon episode so all can glory in some VINTAGE DM advice! Hop into the WABAC machine as DM "Mr. Peabody" Rob takes DM "Sherman" Matt on a journey to Dragon Magazine #63, "Plan before you play: Think it over, then map it out" by Ed...

Mar 2, 2022

Take a listen to a preview of February episode for our Patreon supporters as we attempt to answer the inevitable question:
How do you end a campaign? 

You can unlock the full episode and tons of cool adventures, classes, NPCs, monsters and other fun stuff by supporting us on Patreon.