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Dungeon Master of None

Feb 6, 2019

DM tips! Learn how to start games good! Practice shutting the hell up! And more! Plus, DMs Matt and Rob answer your letters and get some deserved criticism and critiques! 

Tips: playing on the cheap...setting the tone...seeing, hearing,  smelling for your players' characters...using your posture...preparing social situations...listening to your to make mistakes... 

Letters: steampunk and hopepunk responses and critiques! What's the best way to build dungeons? How do I get started reading fantasy to help me DM? Should I twist the plot? 



Elizabeth Bear

The Magic Goes Away



Pac Div - Roll the Dice

Tommy James & The Shondells - I'm Alive 

Loretta Lynn & Jack White - Portland, Oregon 

The Staves - Tired As Fuck 

Scenario - A Tribe Called Quest