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Dungeon Master of None

Jun 20, 2019

It's a Mailbag of Holding! Send us your letters at and voicemails at (774) 203-4629!

Here we go! 


Bryan writes: Earthsea is great! The Sword of Truth does not depict BDSM and it also sucks. 

Rob writes: Gnomes in SPAAACE! Gnomes should be an evil GnomeCorp with a Blue/Orange morality!

Evan writes: What is the rule that prevents you from casting more than one spell a turn?

Darrin writes: The Public Medievalist has podcast!

Dalton writes: How do I build a RPG community in a small town?

Our first caller asks: How do you handle a new player who want to play one of the classes with most bookkeeping? 

Abstract Figure writes: The film version of The Road is great! Also, where can I find a copy of Cinderblock Sally's rockin' cover of "Critical Hit?"

Ellery writes: Do y'all need collaborators, editors, of playtesters? 



Pac Div - Roll the Dice

Mötley Crüe - Public Enemy #1

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand