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Dungeon Master of None

Mar 19, 2018

Matt talks about how to handle intra-party disputes by ending your sessions at the right time (00:30) and Rob shares tips on how to run games for a large number of players (05:00).  

Then, the duo discusses campaign settings.  Specifically, why D&D’s “default” setting in 5th edition, the Forgotten Realms, a.k.a. Faerun, is so frustrating and boring (14:00).  Matt and Rob break down the bad (and good) of Elminster's favorite reality. Then, stick around to hear why the Eberron campaign setting, another official WotC world, is great place to run and play D&D (33:00).  Fact: All good campaign settings ask an interesting question about the world and have a strong theme.  Fight us!

Finally, we close out with some thoughts about what we don’t like about Eberron and how to start porting it over to 5th edition. (54:15)