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Dungeon Master of None

Mar 23, 2018

In "Couatls Conquer Europe" Matt and Rob discuss the re-launch of the Dragons Conquer America Kickstarter.  Your DMs plunge headfirst into the jungle of, uh, problems that arose during the kickstarter's initial failed run.  After tackling the basics of "How to Train Your Dragon to Conquer America," the DMs get into successes, challenges, and opportunities of setting a fantasy game during the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs.  Come for a summary of the game's glaring historical omissions, stay for Matt and Rob's bewilderment at Burning Games' inability to make meaningful changes in response to some very reasonable suggestions from critics.  Matt and Rob then grapple with the complexities of writing an anti-colonial or post-colonial RPG. 

Bonus! If you are are game designer, this kickstarter is a masterclass in how NOT to respond to criticism.  

Link to Dia Lacina's article on Vice: