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Dungeon Master of None

Jul 24, 2023

Rob reviews a fan translation of the Japanese Dark Souls TTRPG by Kadokawa. Is it better than the 5e version? Can he git gud or will he go hollow reading it?

Matara Makes Games


Jul 19, 2023

Every couple years, DMs Rob and Matt get curious about which TTRPGs everyone is playing. Which system (that isn't D&D) is the most popular? Which adventure has been played the most?

Unfortunately, there isn't a giant database of what everyone is playing, at least, not since the Orr Report ceased its quarterly...

Jul 12, 2023

Matt and Rob dig into the depths of the monster manual to find some underused and underappreciated monsters to use in your games.




Pac Div - Roll the Dice
The Living Tombstone - Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix)
Olivia Rodrigo - Vampire
Attack on Titan Theme Song
Kanye West -...

Jul 1, 2023

With the help of Special Playtest Correspondent Alex Clippinger, DM Matt dives into 127 pages of playtest material for OneDnD. 

OneDnD Playtest 5 and Playtest 6

Asians Represent Podcast - Has WotC Fixed the D&D Monk?

Alex Clippinger's RPG Design