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Dungeon Master of None

Feb 27, 2021

Matt solo reviews the brilliant solo role-playing game, Thousand Year Old Vampire by Tim Hutchings.

Thousand Year Old Vampire

Feb 19, 2021

Power's back! DMs Matt and Rob answer your mailbag questions about house rules, Genesys, creating trans-friendly worlds, new plane-touched races, and counterspells.


Trans Inclusivity from Monster Darlings: Creating a Safe Table and Running Trans/NB Characters 

Stuff We Like: The Dread Dome and the

Feb 4, 2021

They say lightning never strikes twice... They were wrong.

DMs Matt and Rob are back for part 2 of their John McClain-inspired adventure: Dice Hard! Come down to the Wizards of the Coast and have a few laughs as the actual prep continues. 

Jan 28, 2021

Rob rambles about why he's disappointed in recent cyberpunk media and why the genre is interesting or useful as a storyteller or gamemaster.

CD Projekt Red Catered to Its Edgiest Fans
Confessions of an Ex-Cyberpunk
The Role-Playing Game That Predicted the...

Jan 20, 2021

Another episode of actual prep! Matt and Rob work on the outline for a one-shot loosely inspired by DIE HARD. Ten stories of sheer adventure!



Pac Div - Roll the Dice
Beethoven -  Ode to Joy
Guyz Nite - Die Hard