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Dungeon Master of None

Feb 23, 2022

Matt and Rob talk with Cinder Blocksally, dungeon master and homebrewer extraordinaire, to talk about cool monsters, designing encounters, the best low-level spells, making TikToks, and more!


And more!

Feb 17, 2022

Special Warhammer Correspondent Ben Wenham joins DM Rob and Matt to update us on his excellent breakdown of 40k and fascism and to talk about the indie RPG scene, zines, and publishing on Kickstarter. 

People can find Ben at: 


People interested...

Feb 9, 2022

Matt and Rob become as talk about gods, how to design them, when and where to include them in your game, and answer the most important question of all: what if God were one of us?

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Pac Div - Roll the Dice
Drake - God's Plan
NanowaR of Steel - Vallhalelujah

Feb 1, 2022

Rob and Matt cook up four NPCs for you to steal for your campaign: a do-gooding noble in a suit of celestial armor, a pair of gnomes purveying pretentious potables, a talking tomcat, and a modron actuary.  Plots hooks are attached in .doc and .pdf formats on our Pateron...