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Dungeon Master of None

Oct 26, 2023

Take us out to the black, because DMs Rob and Matt are reviewing Coriolis - The Third Horizon by Free League Publishing. 

Coriolis RPG

The Third Horizon Map

Year Zero Engine SRD

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Oct 19, 2023

Matt is down with COVID (don't worry, he's fine), so Rob is stealing the mic to talk about Baldur's Gate 3, the unexpected gaming phenomenon of the season. Turns out there's a lot of cool stuff you can do if you're willing to bend the rules of 5e (and have six years to polish a game).

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Oct 12, 2023

Happy spooky season, y'all! To celebrate, it's the Monster Mash...up...again! Listen to DMs Rob and Matt mix up on the fly the bugbear with the ankheg, a swarm of rats with a trademarked giant brain-eating worm, and a lion with a gladiator. Stick with it on that last one. Sounds boring, but it's worth it! 

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Oct 5, 2023

Matt and Rob answer your letters! Hear our not-so-expert opinion on magic items, spontaneous spellcasting, AI art, and more!

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