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Dungeon Master of None

Jan 22, 2018

Matt and Rob both bring nothing into the Drift (TM) to discuss the nerd news of the day before they help you master the fine art of character creation.  

Breaking: Bad Boy Billionaire Bezos Buys Bilbo Baggins Biography!  Can Amazon actually make a good Lord of the Rings TV show?  Someone else always has to, like, carry on the story, we guess.

Next, Matt and Rob talk about how to take your characters from zeroes to heroes.  As a Dungeon Master, you can encourage and trick your players into making characters that they will love playing and that you will love refereeing.  Learn Matt’s patented “Three Tiers of Character Depth.”  If you are tired of brooding loners and psychopathic thieves ruining your game, then follow our advice and your next adventuring party will be full of memorable characters that work together!