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Dungeon Master of None

Aug 13, 2019

As part of our quest to steal advice from every RPG ever published, DMs Rob and Matt discuss Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel. Dungeon World has a great description of how RPGs work and some excellent tips you can use in games run in any system.

Stay tuned for the mailbag and the return of "Real or Woe!"  



Jason asks: "Can I get a preview copy of the Actual Prep adventure?"

Nick asks: "How can I role-play a Kenku without being annoying?"

Vic asks: "Here are some logical rules for different spell-casting stats for the various Warlock patrons. Also, should I remove the ability score requirements for multi-classing?" 

Douglas asks: "What advice do you have for running a one-on-one play?" 



Dungeon World

The Dungeon World SRD



Pac Div - Roll the Dice

New Order - Blue Monday

Lowland Hum - In the Garage

Grover Washington Jr. - Just the Two of Us

Motörhead - The Game