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Dungeon Master of None

Aug 26, 2020

Another week of piping hot Dungeon Master advice, served with a smile! Plus, join us for a discussion of Kate Welch's departure from WotC and some amazing analysis of fascism and 40k from Special Warhammer Correspondent CthulhuBen

What is the best old UA subclass? How should I build a campaign around a city in the Feywild? What is the deal fascism in Warhammer 40k? How to create some great homebrew subclasses for the monk and sorcerer? How does a DM deal with role-playing multiple NPCs in one place?


Ben's Twitter 

David Roth's on "Starship Troopers"

When Warhammer Was Radical: The Egalitarian Origins of the Fantasy Battle Game

Ur-Fascism by Umberto Eco 

Bolt Thrower vs. Neo-Nazi Scum


Pac Div - Roll the Dice; Cake - Frank Sinatra; Bolt Thrower - The Killchain; Look at Miss Ohio - Gillian Welch